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Elite Archangels
League Bio: Elite Archangels was established a couple months after its founder Syrus(Syrus ZY-EL) escaped from a secret Cadmus lab run by a mad scientist, Lex Luthor and Hades. After his escape he wandered battling Brainiac and his invading forces trying to survive. Along the way he encountered new super-humans whose new found abilities were given to them by exobytes and they too were battling to survive from Brainiac. Elite Archangels didn't come to be until Syrus reunited with his old brother Sisco who was also altered by the exobytes and given unimaginable magical powers(many believe to be greater then that of the great Dr. Fate). Together they battling Brainiac and formed Elite Archangels; along the way like minded super-humans altered by exobytes joined their cause. The Elite Archangels are not celestial beings send by God. Syrus adopted the name base out of the simple fact that Archangels are warriors on one mission and that mission is to protect the ideals of their beliefs. Perhaps out of his distain for the Justice League and his pure hatred for Lex Luthor and The Society; One of the few quotes given by Syrus "you can't consider an archangel a hero; a being who always has one wing dipped in blood". Syrus does not consider his team to be a group of heroes or villains but a collected team of like minded super-humans whose goal is to preserve their future and help those who need it along the way.

In a secret encounter with Batman; Batman asked Syrus, Sisco and his Elites to join their cause and battle Brainiac together and then Batman played a conversation he secretly recorded where future Lex Luthor described in detail what the future had become....

with great hesitation to join forces with the Justice League the Elite Archngels agree to help end Brainiacs invasion and then go their separate ways once Brainiac is purged from earth
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